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When I was done with that I went to make a quick sketch of my most favorite Maple Story pairing:

I love drawing, I just didn't say I was any good at it XD I think Troop came out awesome in this one but Missy was kinda... rushed? IDK. I just wanted to share something more and since I was scanning stuff anyway...
Fandom: Maple Story
Pairing: Troop and Missy
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: T
Warning[s]: None, really. These are based off original characters in Maple Story so if you never played the game there is a chance you won't know what's going on.

Missy belongs to me, when I'm not running her pixels around on Bera, she's a voice in my head that gives me inspiration to write. Troop belongs to someone else, but the bowman comes over and visits Missy every now and then leaving me inspired to write both of them. Thank you so much JoJo for loaning me Troop again. I really hope you like this :)

Troop's human in this version. I know that in-game this isn't true and in a way this story isn't true. It was an idea I had, a question Missy had for Troop and this was the answer he gave her. I have an idea of writing Troop in godling form, but I gotta see if I still get permission to write him after this

"So they found Balrog tracks close by," Troop was speaking slowly but the news still seemed to come out of nowhere for Missy as her eyes widened at the threat of monsters.

"They're too close, someone's gotta draw them away from this town," despite all his talk of other people, his dark eyes remained on Missy and she knew exactly the one person in his mind he wanted to protect the most.

"Between the two of us, we can take 'em," the Cleric smiled, feeling confident there really was nothing she couldn't do when she was with her Hunter.

Troop said nothing, his face unreadable to Missy as if he put a wall up in front of him to shield all that he was thinking.

Missy turned her head, trying not to let her eyes betray the fear and dread she was feeling as a shadow darkened Troop's face.

They reached the house at the same time, but he went ahead and quickly went through the rooms-- leaving his bathrobe for men and Korean fan behind as battle gear and his bow were rapidly equipped.

He gripped the bow so tightly with his left hand that fine tremors went through his muscles, catching light just right to gleam off the gold band on his ring finger.

"One second, Troop, let me come too," she pleaded, her hands shaking so hard from the combination of fear and trying to move fast that she only fumbled with the straps on her robe.

"Not this time, Missy, stay here," there was no room for compromise in his tone.

He grinned her most favorite grin to try to take some of the bite out of his decision of her staying behind but it didn't quite reach his eyes leaving it just a ghost of what it normally was.

"Just a week, Silly Cleric, then I'll be right back at your side," his voice was soft but he sounded confident about coming back to her.

'It might as well be a thousand weeks, Goofy Hunter, I hate being away from you,' she stubbornly thought.

Her eyes burned with hot tears as she glared at the floor, still trying to work out an argument that would make him change his mind.

"No crying, that's cheating," Troop protested his voice gone husky as cool calloused fingers contrasted the burning heat of her cheeks as he brushed tears away.

"Please, Troop, stay with me," it was wrong of her to try to use her tears against him but Missy wanted him with her more than she wanted him off lone wolfing Balrogs.

"Oh, Missy," Troop said, torn between what duty and revenge demanded and what his best friend was asking of him.

.... yeah that's all I got. o.o

. . .

I'm sorry.

I've done 100 out of 132 Stupid Things

I'm not exactly sure what it says about me to have done 100/132 "stupid" things. o.O

And the facebook questions shouldn't count. Some of us just don't have facebook. D: Oh yeah, more 1sentence Troop/Missy coming up. I just gotta figure out which set of prompts I'm gonna use and how I'm gonna do it XD

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Re-post this with the title " I've done - Out of 132 Stupid Things "
Fandom: Maple Story
Pairing: Troop and Missy (platonic)
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: T
Warning[s]: None, really. These are based off original characters in Maple Story so if you never played the game there is a chance you won't know what's going on.
Author Note[s]: I felt inspired to write this... so I did, I even got permission to use Troop. I hope Troop is somewhat still in character. I know there's more Missy's point of view than his in these sentences because well yeah, Missy lives in my head so its's easier to know what she's thinking. Troop not only is my take of this and that in conversations and in-game play but he's just visiting... really, I don't need habitual stripping bowman in my head permanently D:

I think all of these are “delicate stomach” safe? I usually write fluffy couple stuffs, so this just-friends thing was challenging for me. -_- Especially when... oh nvm.

#01 - Ring
Missy has one ring on her hand that she holds in the highest regards, it's a bit of gold and metal that is tied to a matching ring that her bowman best friend wears as well.

#02 - Hero
Troop takes one deep breath and grits his teeth in frustration of having to pull Missy out of a mass of Zombie Mushrooms again, but he doesn't complain as he readies an arrow into his bow and plummets down to come to the aid of the magician like he always does.

#03 - Memory
The first time Missy met Troop was outside Pig Beach, she'll never forget the way his black eyes shined brightly with laughter when he asked her if she would like his help.

#04 - Box
"Missy--" Troop groans as he takes in the sight of her grinning up at him like a loon with a prettily wrapped gift box held out to him, "--you really, really didn't have to do that".

#05 - Run
She hurries, stumbling over the uneven terrain, trying her hardest to keep up with the lithe graceful figure-- things she simply is not-- and feeling pure dread that she is holding him back by insisting on tagging along.

#06 - Hurricane
They both fought back to back, her mouth moving and arms weaving signs constantly casting spells that did damage as well as spells that healed them both as he rapidly fired arrows against the mob that threatened to come crashing down on them.

#07 - Wings
Although Missy is not a fairy, she feels as if she can fly whenever Troop gives her that grin she swears is just for her and her alone.

#08 - Cold
Troop's breath comes out in white wispy puffs and snow crunches under his snow boots as he purposefully walks towards the town of El Nath, naturally coming to Missy's rescue yet again when penguins proved too much for her.

#09 - Red
"Um... Missy, you're holding the bow backwards, the string goes towards you," Troop's voice is unimpressed and the cleric blushes crimson as she realizes she has been caught while attempting archery.

#10 - Drink
He makes a face from the bitter aftertaste the potion leaves in his mouth and Missy is sorry that she wasn't there to heal him when he needed it.

#11 - Midnight
She's leaving Henesys and heading back to her home in Ellinia when she stares up into the night sky and swears the stars are shining much brighter now than they ever had before she met Troop.

#12 - Temptation
Troop is standing still and Missy cannot resist the urge to bend down gracefully and start poking at his feet with her wand, it was a habit to her that she wasn't sure she could break even if he requested it.

#13 - View
Their friends realized it was rather uncommon to see one without the other, usually poor Troop had Missy at his side wherever he went.

#14 - Music
There's the nighttime sounds of the woods and Troop is quietly humming a song to himself as he stays watch at the campfire-- this is all Missy remembers before it lulls her to sleep.

#15 - Silk
Troop doesn't think he'll ever understand why she chooses to wear robes out of silk of all things when good ol' steel and leather were much better protection against enemies.

#16 - Cover
Missy's heart is in her throat and she doesn't even think twice as she rushes over to provide some cover for the Hunter when monsters close in on him enough to make his bow useless.

#17 - Promise
"I'll protect you," Troop says with that grin Missy loves and she knows this to be true.

#18 – Dream
Troop is going to be a Ranger and Missy is going to be a Priest, there are no ifs ands or buts about this.

#19 - Candle
It's awfully hard to be a shadow when someone holds a light to you, but Missy is so very grateful that Troop befriended her and helped her become the person she is now.

#20 - Talent
Troop once told her that she brought the best out of him, Missy wondered how she could have possibly did that when she was certain it was him that brought out the best in her.

#21 - Silence
It's rare for silence with Missy, her chatter usually fills his ears and still she is astonished that he never seems to really mind it.

#22 - Journey
“Balrogs,” It's a statement and a question and Missy can only shake her head at his suggestion-- they have much more further to go before they are ready to tangle with those beasties.

#23 - Fire
When Missy decided she wanted to be a cleric and be there to support Troop and her friends, she turned her back on the path of fire/poison wizard she initially was planning on and never looked back.

#24 – Strength
Troop is her partner in crime and because of him she finds herself going places and doing things she knows she wouldn't be able to do alone.

#25 - Mask
His face was so carefully neutral as he sat beside her on the way to Ludibrium that Missy had no idea what he was thinking and fought the impulse to ask him.

#26 - Ice
Missy will never forget the one time she saw Troop angry, truly angry, and how his eyes hardened and glittered like dark pieces of ice that could burn.

#27 - Fall
'Knock-back!' Is the only thought to cross her mind as she realizes that she managed to get in front of Troop and was now free falling off the platform when his bow sent a cellion right in her direction.

#28 - Forgotten
He will outgrow her, and she knows that but she is living for the now and not thinking of the time ahead when she'll fade from his memory.

#29 - Dance
"We did it!" They both crow and dance wildly after finishing yet another one of those jumping puzzles that an NPC had nothing better to do but think up for them.

#30 - Body
She still hides behind him and uses him as shield much like she did when she was several levels under him and somewhere out of her depth despite now she is almost caught up to him, some habits obviously are hard to break.

#31 – Sacred
She doesn't care that she'll never use them, in her inventory she adjusts and makes room so that she has two slots for arrows just in case her most favorite bowman would need them.

#32 - Farewells
They haven't even said good-bye from their latest training session and already they were asking if they would be seeing each other the next day.

#33 - World
Bera is a huge place full of people, monsters and adventure, but one thing that really makes it home to Missy is because Troop is in it too.

#34 - Formal
Troop's idea of formal probably shouldn't be as funny as she finds it, but she can't help but laugh inanely as they both stroll through Henesys in only their underwear and earrings.

#35 - Fever
Clerics can't fix the stomach flu, it was a fact Missy dealt with as all she could do was put a cool rag on Troop's forehead and gently brush away sweat-dampened bangs from his face.

#36 - Laugh
The hours just fly by whenever Missy spends time with Troop, there is just too much fun to be had with the goofy Hunter she adores so greatly.

#37 - Lies
“You gotta stop doing that,” her voice sounds dead to her ears and she wished her eyes were as dry as her throat is instead of watching the world through a veil of tears, good intentions or not she hated it when he didn't tell her the truth.

#38 - Forever
"I will never forget you," her tone is vehement and she stares into his eyes, willing him to believe the truth of her statement, for she means it from the bottom of her heart.

#39 - Overwhelmed
Missy brings up a hand to where Troop's lips had brushed against her cheek, there were things she wanted to say but were quickly forgotten when the next thing she was doing was trying to keep her shoes from getting vomited on.

#40 - Whisper
He is so close that his breath moves the hair around her ear and it tickles, causing her to shiver as he leans in to say something for her ears and hers alone.

#41 - Wait
Troop's eyes burn from being up way too long and his body is tired from having gone through all the torture this last jumping quest put him through yet still he refuses to budge an inch, waiting patiently for Missy to catch up to him.

#42 - Talk
Contrary to passer-bys and popular believe, they are not a gay couple, or even a couple-- the words bother Missy only because these strangers keep pointing out to her the one thing she couldn't have even if she wanted it.

#43 - Search
She can go through a city and not find him, no matter how hard she tries and effortlessly the Hunter tracks her down and says "Gotcha" with that easy grin of his.

#44 - Hope
Troop's fingers are bleeding and his bowstring has snapped, but as he surveys the the fallen monsters at his feet he feels a rush that he indeed is getting better at this archer business and will be there for Missy when she needs it most.

#45 - Eclipse
Missy grabs Troop's hand for comfort, both faces are darkened and grief stricken as they still miss the pirate they had befriended and still they wait for his return.

#46 - Gravity
Missy feels guilty because her feet are taking her from where she was grinding by herself and heading towards Troop's direction, it's almost a compulsion she cannot resist and she wonders if maybe he feels it too.

#47 - Highway
“HI TROOP,” Missy bellows gleefully as she catches first sight of her friend on the main drag of Henesys.

#48 - Unknown
“Oh c'mon, one look,” Troop grins and he twirls his bow confidently right outside a portal that leads to a new place neither of them had been before.

#49 - Lock
“Stubborn,” Missy growls through gritted teeth as she meets the equally heated glare of the bowman who refuses to take her mesos.

#50 – Breathe
It never occurred to her exactly how much the thought would mean to Troop when she gave him a snow globe of El Nath until she was engulfed in his arms in a bear hug and found it nearly impossible to breathe.

Hey Joe, if you do actually read this could you comment and let me know what you thought? I understand if you're busy and whatnot but I would really, really appreciate it :)

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